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realism tattoo style in solan

Realistic tattoos

Discover the art of creating tattoos that look just like real-life images. Our artists pay close attention to detail, making portraits, animals, and objects come to life on your skin.

Tattoo Cover-Ups

Say goodbye to old tattoos you no longer love. We have the skills to hide or change existing tattoos, giving you a fresh start.

Geometric tattoos

Experience the beauty of geometric designs. We craft intricate patterns, symbols, and shapes for tattoos that are both precise and meaningful.

Script/name tattoo style in solan

Scripts tattoos

Express yourself through words. We specialize in creating elegant tattoos with names, quotes, or phrases that hold special meaning for you.


The price of a tattoo depends on various factors like size, placement, complexity and style of the tattoo. To give you an idea, here is the starting range of the different styles of the tattoo.

How to book a tattoo appointment with Horizon Hue Tattoos?

Want to get a tattoo from us? Here are the simple steps to follow to book an appointment with Horizon Hue Tattoos.

1. Call/Message

When you’re ready to start your tattoo journey,reach out to us by sending a message us on Instagram or WhatsApp or giving us a Call. We’re here to assist you.

2. Send us your tattoo idea

Feel free to send us reference images of preferred tattoo design or any specific elements you want to include in your tattoo.

3. Studio consultation

Visit our tattoo studio for in-depth consultation with our experienced tattoo artist. We’ll discuss the date, size, placement, price or any customizations you’d like.

4. Finalize Date and Cost

During the consultation process, we’ll finalize the date and the total cost of the tattoo.

5. Pay deposit

To secure your appointment, we require a booking deposit or advance payment. This help us ensure that the artist’s time is reserved exclusively for your tattoo.

6. Tattoo Booked

Congratulations! Your tattoo is officially booked.